Scale at Chelford — 3 Comments

  1. Pete – What’s the origin of the Stuka – Kit / Plan /ARTF, wingspan? power? – It looks great, I feel a warbird coming on…

    I built a Complete-a-Pack one of these many years ago but never flew it, shame.

  2. Hi Ian Good to see you on Wednesday at the field even tho i was just leaving.

    The JU87_Stuka was an ARTF made by BlackHorse unfortunatly no longer in production.

    I think it’s 80″ wingspan with an OS 120 four stroke in mine, its only flying in the picture because of Mike Gowland kindly repairing it for me, the week prior to this shot the fuselage was in half due to it tipping over in long grass. Mikes my hero lol

  3. Mike – I’ve reloaded the photo of Pete in the Pits at the higher resolution uploaded into the media library.
    The other photos are uploaded at 640×480 thumbnail resolution so can’t do them.

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