Winter builds Boulton Paul Defiant

The Defiant played a vital part through most of ww2, it fought over the beaches of Dunkirk and in The Battle of Britain. It was also used as a night fighter during the blitz. Pioneering electronic countermeasures and serving in the Air Sea Rescue role all around our coast.

The Defiant finished the war in the target- tug- role. Some say it was a hopeless failure in combat but the fact is it shot down 152 aircraft with the loss of 37 by the Luftwaffe.

The model I am building is from a plan by Chris Golds it is to a scale of 1:7th. with a wingspan of 72 inches. Now I’m going to power the model with a power 60 brushless motor running off a 6cell lipo battery. The Defiant has retracts and flaps and also a rotating turret with 4 browning machine guns.

I intend to finish the model in a 1940 Battle of Britain scheme, you can build the model by transferring the plan onto wood like the old days or you can do what I’ve done and buy the short kit from Sarik. These kits are good value for money and you can also get the canopy and turret from them. I’ll stick more pictures on as the model developsimageimageimage

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