The team at work


Nearly finished product

Nearly finished product

Follow the leader

Follow the leader

The Team at work (Mandy, Dave and Geoff following our leader) – Nearly finished product    (Photos courtesy of Anup)


The team at work — 5 Comments

  1. Good job Ian. So you’ll need to tell us how to upload multiple pics. Team members are Mandy, Dave and Geoff.

    I thought you’re going to have a day off today… addicted to programming then… LOL


  2. I know – couldn’t leave it alone
    Uploading multiple images:-
    ‘Add media’ and upload first image
    Put curser after first image
    ‘Add media’ and upload second image
    This will place the images one under the other.

    Alternatively, selecting the ‘Gallery’ format will allow selection of multiple images from the media library.
    The display in the post for this format will be different with initially only one small image until you click on that to see the selected images.
    If the post is all about the image/photo, on the Right Hand Side be sure to select ‘Image’ or ‘Gallery’ to get the best resolution for your uploaded photos.

    I’ll add to the ‘Posting Notes’ in the members area

  3. Thanx Ian for explaining how to upload pics.

    The whole web job is really a WinWin situation… you get your fix and gets an ever developed site ..!!!!

    Other members and I appreciate your time and efforts. 10/10


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