Winter builds Jeff Box Pilatus Turbo Porter

Winter builds this is Jeff Box with his Pilatus Turbo Porter. It’s built from a Canadian kit 1/5 scale , wingspan 10′ 7″ ( 3.2 metres) Powered by a Wren 44 Turboprop turning a 24×8 prop, producing about 37lbs. of thrust.    The second picture shows the first run of the Turbo prop 9 years after buying the kit, it started first time. The third picture is a 3D printed version of Jeff  ready for the Porters first flight.

image imageimage

Winter builds WW1 SE5A by Colin Leach

20200114_125518 The SE5 was considered by many pilots to be the best British single-seat fighter of World War One. Designed at the Royal Aircraft Factory at Farnborough. It was used by twenty four squadrons of the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force in France, Palastine, Macedonia, Mesopotamia and the United Kingdom, and equipped one squadron of the Australian Flying Corps and two of the United States Air Service on the Western Front.

The SE5 and SE5A were flown by some of the leading pilots of the first world war including Captain Albert Ball VC, DSO and two bars, MC. He died on 7th May 1917 aged 20 . Can you believe 20. He had 44 victories. The famous German flying ace Manfred Von Richthofen,remarked on hearing of Balls death that he was by far the best English flying man. He remained its fourth- highest scorer behind Edward Mannock, James McCudden, and George McElroy.

Colin’s model is built from the DB sport and scale range of kits, it has a wingspan of 80 inches and will be powered by electric motor. Covering will be solartex and painted in a french colour scheme serving on the Western Front.

Winter builds Miles Aerovan by Chris Challener

Chris has sent some pictures of his progress with the Aerovan,  as you can see he has put the windows in. And done some more sheeting around the nose area, it’s starting to look like the Aerovan and very much  an aircraft from the 50s. The van could only carry one car so there must have been fun if a few cars turned up!!. No internet then so you must have had to get your man to arrange it, chauffeur that is.image image image image image

Winter Builds. Cessna 182 by Paul Evans

This is a model of the Cessna182 Paul picked the kit up at our last swap meet, the kit had been started a few years ago but not touched since. The model is large 81 inch wingspan (2.05mtrs) lenth 64.4 inches (1.6 Mtrs) weight 10-12 lbs. power will be from a brushless motor from 4 max po5065-360 and as you can see Paul is making a good job of it. image image image

Winter builds Mosquito by Terry Mason

image image image imageAnother great winter build

This time we have Terry Masons Mosquito here are some notes Terry sent me about his superb model.

The model is of the Mk6 variant -cannons and machine guns in the nose.

It is 115 inch wingspan known to me as the Mondeo mossy’ because it is designed to be the largest that will fit in the back of a Mondeo estate with fuselage , inner wing plus nacelles all in one piece( gear down ). I have not tested that yet.

Scratch built from our own drawings. Drawn by friend Bill on turbo CAD and parts laser cut by Richard at Falcon Aviation. To be electric powered possibly with a sound system.

Landing gear home made with welding done by a company in Macclesfield, landing gear door operating system has proved far more of a challenge than expected.

Wheels are substantial and rather heavy. Retraction is by a 12 volt linear servo from a company in Canada. Plenty more to do yet including a lot of balsa ( strip) sheeting. The wings and tail surfaces are being covered using Pro- skin fibreglass sheet from Mick Reeves models. Attached pictures are the best I can do in a rather full workshop- not the weather for outside assembly recently.



Winter builds Fairey Fulmar By Ray Slack


The  Fairey Fulmar was developed as a matter of urgency from a light bomber design to give the Royal Navy an 8 gun -ala Spit/ Hurricane – fighter but with twice the ammo, 4 hour endurance and carrying an observer / navigator!

This of course made it a lot heavier, having a poor climb rate and a top speed of only 265mph- it could be dived to 400 mph though!

All 600 of them were built in Heaton Chapel  near Stockport imageimageimage(opposite the biscuit factory).

It held the fort for the RN from August 1940 until 1942 including the famous Pedestal convoy to Malta when it was joined by Sea Hurricanes and Martlets ( wildcats)

The Fulmar’s kills totalled 112 a third of the RN’s total.

The prototype is at the RN museum Yeovilton.

Rays model has been on the go for a few years now. He drew up the plan from a 1/72nd 3 view drawing at 1:9th scale so it comes out with a wingspan of 61.5 inch.

Built from balsa and covered in solartex the model will be painted in the colours of a 1941/42 Royal Navy aircraft. The Fulmar will be powered with a power52  eflite brushless motor running on 6 cells with a jeti opto 70 esc.

Winter builds Boulton Paul Defiant

The Defiant played a vital part through most of ww2, it fought over the beaches of Dunkirk and in The Battle of Britain. It was also used as a night fighter during the blitz. Pioneering electronic countermeasures and serving in the Air Sea Rescue role all around our coast.

The Defiant finished the war in the target- tug- role. Some say it was a hopeless failure in combat but the fact is it shot down 152 aircraft with the loss of 37 by the Luftwaffe.

The model I am building is from a plan by Chris Golds it is to a scale of 1:7th. with a wingspan of 72 inches. Now I’m going to power the model with a power 60 brushless motor running off a 6cell lipo battery. The Defiant has retracts and flaps and also a rotating turret with 4 browning machine guns.

I intend to finish the model in a 1940 Battle of Britain scheme, you can build the model by transferring the plan onto wood like the old days or you can do what I’ve done and buy the short kit from Sarik. These kits are good value for money and you can also get the canopy and turret from them. I’ll stick more pictures on as the model developsimageimageimage