Hi all went to the field today met up with Terry and Colin, my God is it WET anybody driving on there needs their bumps feeling.

The grass is ok if a bit long but for winter its ok. P1010948 copy

Well thats all folks for this year hope you all have a happy Xmas and a liquid New Year. JJ

Hello Guys.


Went down to PMAC the other day to fly my bring & buy purchase, fly’s ok will do some more when weather picks up.

JJ…ps photos taken by Glyn.DSC02202DSC02200


Hello boys and girls.

Our esteemed chairman Mr Terry has just sent me these photos of the new fuel system for the VC10 for next season.

Information for anybody who is worried about the cost of 5ltrs of fuel this is 10ltrs for 1 flight.


Bring and Buy.

Hi Guy’s just a few pics from last evenings bring and buy at the Deanwater.Well attended as normal.

This is just a few of Ian’s stock, he’s having a clean up ready for next season.




IMG_0395 IMG_0396 IMG_0397