Hello boys and girls.

Our esteemed chairman Mr Terry has just sent me these photos of the new fuel system for the VC10 for next season.

Information for anybody who is worried about the cost of 5ltrs of fuel this is 10ltrs for 1 flight.


Bring and Buy.

Hi Guy’s just a few pics from last evenings bring and buy at the Deanwater.Well attended as normal.

This is just a few of Ian’s stock, he’s having a clean up ready for next season.




IMG_0395 IMG_0396 IMG_0397

Scale flyin

After much discussion we have decided to go ahead with our scale day tomorrow’  July 29th. it is supposed to be dry and around 12 mph at 1 pm dropping during the afternoon according to the bbc ?? So bring along your scale model or sports model. The grass was cut on Thursday so we  will have a good time. If the weather is terrible’ of course we shall put it back to next Sat. Mike


Hi Guys.

Today 25/7 i went to the field to meet up with Terry to give support during a test flight of a new model.

Before Terry arrived i went into the club hut i was appalled at the state of the inside, sandwich rappers and the rubbish left on the floor. There are bin liners and a sweeping brush in there so use Galacticthem and take your rubbish home.

I am sure if you treated your house this way your partner would not tolerate it.

Phoenix Model Aircraft Club EGM – All members take note please

In accordance with the Club rules and Constitution for the calling of an EGM, the requisite number of members called for a club EGM on Wednesday 10th May. The proposal submitted was to re-introduce Rotary Wing Helicopters (with limitations) which were the subject of a ban imposed 12 months ago.

Much discussion allowed a thorough debate of the subject and the result of the vote was, by a large margin,to retain the ban on flying helicopters.

A detailed report will follow in the next newsletter.