Scale fly in

Sunday the 24th. June Is our official opening of our new club Cabin’ we shall also be running our first scale fly in of 2018. I thought it would be a good idea as this year is the centenary of the Royal Air Force to get as many models as possible of aircraft used by the RAF WW1 WW2 plus all the years between and since. I think that would be our tribute to all the brave people who have served in the Air Force . It goes without saying all scale models will be very welcome and of course if you don’t have a scale model fly whatever you want on the day. The more members that turn up on the day the better. Mike Gowland

PMAC’s New Log Cabin

All, The new Log Cabin arrived on Tues and is now built and ‘painted’.
Thanks to all the members who put so much time and effort into assembling it, it was a good humoured and enjoyable exercise. Two additional ‘guest’ members contributed a large amount of that effort too – Dave’s partner Yelena and Colins wife Berit – special thanks to them.
Thanks also to Charles who is putting a floor covering in prior to us re stocking it.
A plaque is to be fitted recognising Alan Brobbins generous contribution which allowed us to purchase it (details TBA)
Terry Mason

Old Person

Hi All you all know what i like to fly but this is new to me.

I bought this at the LMA show yesterday please could someone help me as i don’t know what it is.

It’s 95″ span but thats it.

Help please before i totally loose my mind.P1010957P1010958JJ.


Pete Wilson RIP

It is with great sadness that we have received news that Pete Wilson passed away yesterday evening the 1st Feb. He had not been at all well since Christmas.  Peter was a great supporter of the Club, a keen flyer and one of our best builders and pilots. Funeral arrangements will be advised internally to the membership when known.

Peter – in happier times down at the field with his Stolp Starlet built from his own plans