Hi guys. Yesterday i went to PMAC and met with Terry and Colin to run my new DLE85 gas engine.

The area chosen for this is small fenced off enclosure situated approx 50mtrs passed the normal parking bay.

Within this is one of our model starting stands and is the only place where prolonged running of non electric engines should take place (more than 20 secs). So no excuses for engine running in the PITS.



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Hi guys. Started R/C flying in 1974 still learning, bought first Heli in 1975 a Micro Mold Lark with Veco 19(c***) first successful hell Shluter DS22 with HP 61. Tried every thing i think boats,cars.fixed wing power and gliders. The smallest being 72" Micro Mini Phase the largest 6mtr DG808. Outside of modelling Video and Yankee cars.

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